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Apr 20, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Veterinary hospital shows patience and understanding As an individual who practices random acts of kindness, I was recently on the receiving end of a most generous and compassionate one. My dog, Biddy, died suddenly and unexpectedly during surgery on March 20. The staff at Moon Veterinary Hospital had to deal with my friend and I who were both devastated and on the edge of hysteria. The patience, caring, and understanding of the veterinarians, Dr. Tracy White and Dr. Erin Watchey, the technic
Jun 08, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Wrapped with kindness Once again, the kindness of strangers overwhelms me. I was fabric shopping on Friday, May 19, at the Jo-Ann Fabrics in Robinson. As I stood at the cutting counter, my two carts full of fleece gathered a lot of attention. I was asked by several people what use I have for all the material. I explained that I am very involved in the “Wrapped in Love Foundation.” This group provides blankets to local hospital and outpatient facilities. They are then distributed to patients u
Apr 06, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Fond memories made even sweeter Several months after my husband died, I ventured over to Calabria’s in Castle Shannon, our favorite restaurant, for dinner. Seated at my small table, memories came flooding back of all the happy times we dined together there and the party we held celebrating our 60th anniversary. Waitresses stopped to welcome me back and express their sympathy for my loss. When I prepared to leave, I was astonished to learn that the couple at the next table had paid for my
Jun 22, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Pittsburghers are everywhere, even Galapagos Islands If anyone doubts the world is a small place and you can find Pittsburghers everywhere, I have evidence of both. In May, my son and I visited the Galapagos Islands. While there, we had the chance to write a postcard and drop it off at a “post office” on one of the islands. By post office, I mean a wooden box on a post. No postage is needed or even available. The idea is to leave your postcard with the hopes that one day a traveler from your
May 04, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Recently my husband and I attended the Phipps Spring Flower Show with our two grandsons, ages 4 and 15 months. After about two hours of walking around my husband told me he felt extremely dizzy and sick. I had him sit down on a bench when he almost passed out and was falling forward. Two ladies stopped, one announced she would get a wheelchair and help from Phipps employees, while the other said she was a nurse and promptly took my husband’s pulse. His hands were shaking but he did revive somewh
Mar 02, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
It was our last day of Christmas vacation, and my children were so excited to take their Nana to the National Aviary. My mother was thrilled to see the Penguin Encounter. We laughed when we witnessed the penguins kissing each other, and we enjoyed how close we were with them. As we walked to the Tropical Rainforest exhibit, I heard a loud thump, turned around and saw my mother lying on the ground. I shouted her name over and over again. I screamed, “Call 911.” I am forever grateful to the men
May 25, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
On a recent Wednesday morning, two of my brother volunteer firefighters and I met for breakfast at Totin’s Diner on Perry Highway in Wexford. We were wearing our Class B uniforms as we were doing fire safety programs throughout the day for the children who attend St. John’s Preschool on Cumberland Road, and we were planning our lessons for the kids beforehand while we ate. We were in a booth on one side of the restaurant and at the other end was a female who was sitting in the corner at a table
Feb 23, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
My husband and I were waiting for the green light at the intersection of Rialto Street and the 31st Street exit from Route 28 on January 11. We looked to our right and saw a woman working diligently to clean up the trash on the patch of green grass by that intersection. She had a black plastic bag and she was wearing rubber gloves to protect her hands. She was bending over to pick up the trash by hand. There was a lot of trash and we knew her back was going to ache the next day. We wanted to
Feb 09, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Secret Santa One random act of kindness made my day, but three over a three week period continue to amaze and delight me. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I had infections in both eyes and both ears, a terrible cold and because of all that, I lost my sense of smell, taste and hearing. I missed nine days of work and was very down. In the middle of the madness a small package appeared on my doorstep. There was a tag on the outside that said to Jody from your Secret Santa. It contained a s
May 11, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Quite a find at the garage sale I had a garage and downstairs sale on a Saturday in April. A very nice lady picked up the Bingo Game Set that we used to take with us on vacations to the ocean with the nieces, nephews and grandkids, and said she would buy it but was still looking around. Soon, her husband came over and handed me a stack of white envelopes his wife had found inside the Bingo box and said, “I don’t think you want to sell these.” I looked inside one and saw that it contained $2.0
Jan 05, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
We recently went to Fort Jackson in Columbia, S.C., to bring our granddaughter back to Cranberry after boot camp. In the time we were there, we took many pictures. We are so proud! Upon returning home I was taking the pictures to be developed but had a few stops to make first. Yes, I lost my camera with all the pictures I could never replace. After many sleepless nights, I backtracked the route taken and the stops made, but no camera. I then went to the Hallmark store in Cranberry Mall and was
Mar 30, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
My trip back home to Pittsburgh as a “tourist” during President’s weekend was exceptional in every way, but it will be the actions of a unknown Good Samaritan and the aid of several police officers who work in Zone 2 that will be the most lasting memory of this recent visit. I send my deepest gratitude to the unknown person who found my wallet on Monday, February 20, in the Strip District and turned it in to the police. With no knowledge of my loss I returned to my home 300 miles away to disco
Feb 02, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
What Christmas is all about Several weeks past I had the pleasure of experiencing a random act of kindness from an unlikely source, a child. My wife and I were in church. Seated next to us was a young couple with two small children, a three-year-old toddler and a year-old baby. The thoughtful parents had brought along several small plastic figurines to keep the little ones occupied. The mother was next to me with the baby on her lap. While reciting the Lord’s Prayer, I had my eyes closed an
May 18, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Chasing the garbage truck I am homebound because of a balance problem that comes on every so often. I usually take my trash out the evening before pick up and did so several weeks ago, but was too unsteady to take last bag out and decided to wait until morning. I was up early and heard the garbage truck, but being slow because I must hold on to a fence to walk the driveway, the truck was already moving on down the street. It was about four houses past mine and I was ready to turn back as I wa
Apr 27, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
I spent two weeks in Allegheny General Hospital after minor surgery. One day a nice lady came to visit me and handed me a bag. I don’t know who she was but she was from a nearby church. In the bag was a beautiful, handmade crocheted throw. I was so surprised! It is so beautiful. Along with the blanket were a prayer and a note saying a group of ladies from St. Joan of Arc get together and make these throws for hospital-bound people. I want to thank these wonderful ladies. I love my throw and use
Jan 19, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Safe and grateful As an “every chance I can get” runner, my running partner Ann and I gotta run. Living in Mt. Lebanon, street running can be a challenge. Our route, which is used by many, is the Beadling Road and Cedar Avenue intersection. The sidewalk gets tight and is covered with tripping hazards. Thank you to the gentleman who sweeps that sidewalk! He does not have to but we know he keeps all of us dedicated runners safe. He is a stranger to us but I promise to leave a paper on his doo
Apr 13, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
My husband and I were involved in an automobile accident. It happened on Northern Pike in front of the Monroeville Fire Company #4. We were hit by a vehicle coming straight at us in our lane. Suddenly, there were people coming from all over to help. Someone was directing traffic. Others helped move my car off the road as it was not driveable. Of course, the EMT’s were there, along with the police and ambulance. My husband and I were strangers to all who came to help us After everything was und
May 13, 2017 / By Anya Sostek / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
For nearly two decades, Christie Pham dreaded Mother’s Day. Her own mother died 22 years ago, when she was 17. As soon as Easter was over, she remembers getting upset seeing card displays and commercials. “It was extremely hard,” said Ms. Pham of Marshall. “I didn’t want to deal with it. I was known to just get in my car and cry.” About three years ago, shortly after the birth of her second child, her husband asked her how she would want her own kids to celebrate her on Mother’s Day after
Jul 02, 2017 / By Fitale Wari / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Leon Logothetis, a British author, philanthropist, global adventurer and inspirational speaker, promised to live a life empowering others. But something stood in his way. “I felt emotionally and spiritually bankrupt,” he said. From 1999 to 2004, Mr. Logothetis was a broker in London, but he gave it up after feeling radically influenced by Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s memoir, “The Motorcycle Diaries,” which documents the infamous Marxist revolutionary’s 1952 expedition across South America. This
Jan 12, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Witness to kindness Early in December my son and I went to the Eat ‘n Park on Library Road in Bethel Park for lunch. We were seated in a booth close to the door. In the booth next to us sat a gentleman who gave a dollar bill to every child who came into the restaurant. It was so heartwarming to see the smile on his face and the shocked, then grateful, look on the faces of the adults and children. Everyone walked away with a smile. I don’t know how long he was seated there or who he was,

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