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Apr 19, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Although this act of kindness happened many years ago, I wanted to share it with your readers. My 6-year-old brother, Harold, the youngest of our nine-member family, was accompanying my mother to St. Canice Church in Knoxville one Sunday morning. Along the way, Harold found a penny on the street and asked Mother if he could stop on his way home at the corner store on Beltzhoover Avenue where penny candy was sold to buy a pretzel rod. She agreed. After Mass, and without any prompting from my
Mar 25, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Since the death of her mother in early February, my wife has been struggling with intense, debilitating grief. Even with a close extended family and supportive group of friends, she continues to experience bouts of depression. Yet, on a Saturday morning, our family found extra comfort from a stranger. My teenage daughter and I managed to persuade my wife to join us for breakfast at the First Watch restaurant in Bridgeville. We shortened our wait time by taking three available seats at a long
Apr 20, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
As our group of friends planned our annual cruise in October 2017, we paid special attention to San Juan, Puerto Rico, since that’s where we were getting the cruise ship. We saw how badly the island was still hurting in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. We knew our airline would allow two free bags each, and we saw how much the people needed. We were able to compile a list of needed items and contacted a Methodist minister in San Juan who could accept the donations. A local college donated s
Mar 11, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
A year ago last Christmas, I had an unbelievable happening. I am 92 years old and I can’t do a lot of physical things anymore. However, I can do the holiday baking and cooking for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The little ones give me great joy and pride. I make the special Thanksgiving and Christmas desserts and cookies — this is something I really enjoy doing. Shortly after Thanksgiving, I went to the Market District in Wexford and loaded up on baking supplies. When
Mar 11, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Being a foreign visitor in Pittsburgh has been a wonderful experience. I’m an Italian mom. I arrived in the Squirrel Hill section of your city with my two daughters and my husband more than five months ago. The day we arrived after a long voyage from Italy, my husband’s boss’s wife, Trish, left a basket on the porch with detergent, wipes, crayons and books for the kids, and a gift card to the grocery store with $25 inside. A few days later, a couple we barely knew, Mary and Tom, bought two
Apr 27, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Return of lost cell phone truly appreciated My husband lost his cell phone after the NCAA basketball games last month at PPG Paints Arena. We figured it was gone forever and he would have to go to the trouble and expense of replacing it. As we all know, it’s not replacing the phone itself that’s a problem, but losing all the personal information such as photos, videos, contact lists, etc., that is so difficult. Surprisingly, around lunchtime the next day we were contacted by a man who id
May 03, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Purses have changed over the years. When I was young in Scotland, my purses carried my lipstick, powder, a cigarette case and lighter. Later, they grew into enormous pieces of baggage and carried everything. Today, our purses have become smaller, but they carry our lives in them — our plastic lives. I set out for Giant Eagle in Bridgeville with my deep pink mini-purse. After filling the shopping cart with blue plastic bags, I put them in my car and dutifully parked the cart in the cart parki
Mar 11, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
I was driving home from my regular Wednesday night bowling. It was about 9:30 p.m. and I was driving down Munhall Road in Squirrel Hill. Lo and behold at the bottom of the road there was a water drain that broke and the gushing water had turned into a mass of water and ice. I suddenly felt my car sinking into what felt like an icy water hole. I knew then that I was stuck. No matter how hard I tried to maneuver my car back and forth, it was no use. I’ve been driving for many winters and have
Feb 14, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
I was standing in the shoe aisle at Big-K struggling to get my foot into a snow boot. I said to a woman steering a cart, “You’d think they would have a bench or chair.” She said, “Sorry.” Then I repeated the same words to another woman who directed me to a bench in the next aisle. As I was browsing through snow boots, the lady with the cart showed me the cutest little black boot trimmed with fur. I said, “I take a 5.” I saw one that size and took it to the bench to try on. The
Mar 29, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
It was early afternoon on Valentine’s Day. With a heavy heart and tear-filled eyes, I walked into Mt. Lebanon Mausoleum with a rose and vase in hand. I heard a voice behind me – “Happy Valentine’s Day.” I turned around. “It’s not easy, is it? How long has it been?” she asked. We walked toward each other and chatted for a few minutes. I explained to her that my emotions were no reflection of my presence at the mausoleum. My dear dad has been gone for 13 years and I visit regularly. I told her
Dec 29, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus - at the Steelers game A week before THE Steeler game, a dear old friend called and said he would like to give my wife and I two tickets to the Steelers-Patriots game, if we were interested. Needless to say, being a lifelong fan, I was elated! To make sure we got the tickets in time he delivered to them to our home. On game day, with the tickets tucked safely in the inner-zippered pocket of my jacket, we made our way from the casino, where we parked, to t
Mar 15, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
I walked into the Brentwood post office one recent dreary Saturday and saw the line was pretty long, with just one clerk working. I considered coming back later, but with more folks coming through the door, I thought it might not get much better. Sighing, I groused to the lady in front of me, “Is there just one clerk working?” The employee was very busy, yet she took the time to thoroughly answer her current customer’s questions. The rest of us shuffled our feet and rolled our eyes. I turn
Dec 14, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Running to catch the 17 bus at Liberty Avenue and Sixth, I made it to within five feet of the bus’s open door, but my 81-year-old body wasn’t up to it. The world disappeared and I held onto a small tree in front of me until I “came back” again, as I always did before in moments such as this. My legs wobbled and I went down on the sidewalk. Instantly two young men began asking, “Are you OK?” I was already back in the real world again, and at my request each grabbed me under my arms and I
Nov 27, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Lifting a military mom’s spirits I love reading the Random Acts of Kindness column. It’s always a pick-me-up and lifts my spirits, especially this past year, as I have been battling a rare illness. On Oct. 19, I was shopping in Barnes & Noble at The Waterfront in Homestead. I approached a salesperson for assistance in finding a couple of good books to mail to my son, a Marine, who is recovering from an injury and additional surgery in Japan. We walked up and down the aisles looking for in
Dec 21, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Being last has its own reward A week before Thanksgiving I was shopping at ALDI on Route 8 in Hampton. I had a large order. My bill was over $80, so you know how many items I had. After putting my items on the conveyer belt, they extended from the cashier to the end of the belt. Being in line behind someone else who had a large order, I knew the anxiety of waiting for that order to be rung up. There was a gentleman that had three items - I told him to go ahead of me. Next came
Dec 11, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
No, a kind stranger didn’t pay for my meal in a restaurant, and I haven't fallen lately (knock wood), so no one's rushed over to lift me to safety or stop the bleeding. But I've been on the receiving end of some truly random acts of kindness from strangers, acts they were certainly not aware they were giving. My heart is breaking now, as my sister prepares for the end brought much too soon by metastatic breast cancer. Anticipatory grief is never far from my emotional core as I wait in line in
Feb 15, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
This short story is about a very special lady diagnosed with breast cancer about a year ago. I have worked for an insurance agency for quite some time and have gotten to know some of our clients on a more personal level — Camille being one of them. Camille stopped by the office last summer to tell me about her diagnosis and show me she had lost most of her beautiful hair because of her treatments. However, Camille, with her great spirit, told me she was going to beat this! I told her I abs
Jan 04, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
One trip Downtown yields host of selfless acts Thirty-eight years ago, I moved to Pittsburgh from New York City. The longer I live here, the more I appreciate the people. Here are a few things that happened when I had to go into town for jury duty: As I live in a suburb of Pittsburgh, I took the bus into town. Upon exiting the bus, every single person said goodbye and thank you to the bus driver. I got off the bus in Downtown and was looking around to try to figure out where the cour
Nov 10, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Hooray for the Post Office I just want to put in a good word for our postal employees. On Columbus Day, my husband accidently dropped two Halloween cards into the Gibsonia postal drop box. Money was enclosed with each card. As they were intended to be handed to the children, neither had a return address label and only the child’s name was on each envelope. I went to the Gibsonia Post Office the following day. The mail had been picked up at 6 a.m.; we were too late. All the information was t
Dec 06, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
My 97-year-old mother, Naomi Ruth Keim, lived in Pittsburgh for 60 years. She was a World War II veteran in the U.S. Navy. Recently she and my father moved from their home in Bridgeville to be closer to my sister in Scottsdale, Ariz. Mom lives in an independent facility. Saturday night during dinner her friend was choking on a piece of steak and put her arms above her head. My mother went to the employees and told them her friend was choking. They did not react, so mother, without hesitation,

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