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Feb 28, 2019 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
J ames Simon is in his Uptown studio on a deadline, making his deliriously colorful work look like play — cutting lime green and red stained glass to make eyeballs and ears, slicing mirror glass to make bicycle spokes, laying out blue tiles to further the flow of the Manatee River — panel after mosaic panel that, in late spring, he will pad and stack in a van and drive to Bradenton, Fla. Mr. Simon is calling the piece “The Magic River.” It is composed of 15 panels that will spread 120 feet acr
Jan 21, 2019 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
A discovery at an apartment trash pickup site in Friendship last year reunited a family with artwork it hadn’t known existed. Sheila Ali, founder of the Irma Freeman Center for Imagination, 5006 Penn Ave. in Bloomfield, got a call in the spring from Donna Palermo, who had discovered a stack of paintings and pastels in an alley near her home. “I was taking out my trash and I found this stack of artwork, and it was raining and I thought, ‘This shouldn’t be in the trash,’” Ms. Palermo said. “I
Feb 20, 2019 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
It was a frigid night, but they came from all over the metro area, parking chockablock in Joe Lagnese’s driveway in Hampton, lugging instruments into his basement to commit a couple of hours to running through new arrangements of 18 Cole Porter tunes. Mr. Lagnese, a retired environmental engineer and alto sax player, wrote the arrangements hoping to scare up a Cole Porter tribute gig somewhere... someday. He’s faintly optimistic because, even in the outdated world of swing bands, a call for a
Jan 07, 2019 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
My parents gave me a rebuilt Royal manual typewriter as a high school graduation gift. It was more than a symbol of the machine that would take me toward my career, but little more. Most people were using electric typewriters by then, and a few years later, most would be typing on computers. As I threaded a new ribbon into my old Royal the other day, I recalled the learning curve. It wasn’t very steep. To the most basic user, those computers were like typewriters, but you could erase mistakes.
Jan 06, 2019 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
We met before dinner on a Thursday at St. Thomas Seminary near Hartford, Conn. Each smile and handshake acknowledged that we shared a commitment for the weekend. Most of us had read “War and the Soul.” After dinner, we filled chairs in a circle in conference room A, 24 of us — veterans, civilians and a support team of therapists. Over the next three days, veterans shared their grief with civilians who listened, rapt. That retreat was in April. Four-day retreats are among several healing even
Feb 14, 2019 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh will take the stage at Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church in the Hill District Friday night for the Pittsburgh premiere of Donald McCullough’s “Let My People Go.” Four soloists and two actors will join them to lead the audience on a journey of spirituals and narration along the refugee network for runaway slaves known as the Underground Railroad. This show is sold out, but two performances Saturday and Sunday in Grove City, Mercer County, and Morgantown, W
Dec 31, 2018 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
For years, op-eds have fretted about our throwaway culture and disposable relationships. Technology asserts as much: If it’s 7 years old, it’s time to replace it. Yet most of us pretty much agree that we value most that which lasts. Should old acquaintance be forgot, take heart in a friendship that never runs out of memory: Meet “the girls” — Annie, Reene, Cookie and Kay — a friendship circle since second grade. Consider 68 years of regular contact, long weekends in reunion with marathon c
Feb 04, 2019 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Drones are fun to play with and some are even cute, but beware — they can frustrate you, tease you, even startle you. Donald Poindexter and Ayanna Hall know first hand as students of the Drone Academy, held every Thursday after school at Nova Place, Allegheny Center, on the North Side. At a recent session, Ayanna, a freshman at City High, was ready to send her drone up. She placed the little Tello on the table, picked up her phone, activated the app and — zhurrrrp! — the drone leapt at her
Dec 17, 2018 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
I climbed onto the 54D bus on a recent morning to a cheerful “Good morning!” from the driver, Tim Sheerer. A young woman in a knit cap with a pom-pom on top followed me on board. Several blocks later, across from Allegheny General Hospital, several more people filed on. I settled in for a round trip. The 54D and its sister, the 54C, have been my Strip District connections on the North Side for years, but when I boarded the D that day, I wanted to see precisely where it stops in Oakland, Bloo
Jan 30, 2019 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The Garfield Jubilee Association, a housing and workforce development nonprofit, has been granted more than $1 million for its YouthBuild training program from the U.S. Department of Labor. YouthBuild is a project of the labor department, which has supported the Jubilee’s efforts in the past as well. YouthBuild is pre-apprenticeship component of the labor industry that gives youth in low-income neighborhoods support to complete high school and training for jobs, including building housing fo
Dec 10, 2018 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
It is tempting to compare Tree Pittsburgh’s growth to that of a tree, from seedling to sapling to maturity in 12 years. And of course, mature trees keep growing. Which brings us to the nonprofit’s five-acre spread overlooking the Allegheny River in Upper Lawrenceville. Earlier this fall, Tree Pittsburgh moved into its new building, bringing its offices, education program and nursery operations together for the first time. The 6,000-square-foot center fits on a 70-foot-wide strip of land Tr
Jan 28, 2019 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Lines should form for this get-out-the-vote plea: An election that will send the winner on a 239,000-mile journey — to the moon! OK, it’s a gimmick, but one that Pittsburghers should relish. The Heinz History Center is teaming up with Astrobotic, a space robotics company based in Pittsburgh, to send a small Pittsburgh pop culture treasure in the lunar lander that delivers the first commercial payload in 2021. The History Center is calling on Pittsburghers to choose which treasure to send u
Jan 28, 2019 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Tony Weisser walked into Classic Lines bookstore on Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill late morning Friday with a friend, and his face registered the kind of look that you wish came with words. So you ask: Did he know that Classic Lines was named among five finalists for bookstore of the year by Publishers Weekly the day before? “It’s obvious why,” he said quickly, acknowledging he had never been there before. “I’m not much of a reader, but right when I came in here it made me want to pick up a
Jan 27, 2019 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Almost three years after Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf signed legislation that legalized medical use of marijuana, advocates are urging the public to get behind legislation that would legalize recreational use. A Saturday forum hosted by state Rep. Ed Gainey, Lincoln-Lemington, at the Carnegie Library in Homewood was also a stop on a 67-county listening tour that Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is taking to record public sentiment. “At every forum I am going to ask, ‘All in favor, say aye,’” he said, a
Dec 03, 2018 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The inspiration that motivated Suzanne Werder, an artist and arts advocate, to turn an Oakland bus shelter into a mini art museum is a good stepping-off point for a larger discussion about art in public spaces. It coincides with a letter I got recently from photographer Mark Perrott, a South Sider, who asks, “What happened to the commitment to public art at Pittsburgh’s T stations?” Ms. Werder’s Busnegie took over a bus shelter in front of the Carnegie Museum of Art on Forbes Avenue from mid
Nov 26, 2018 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
A few years ago, I asked a pianist friend if he had ever heard of Don Shirley. He had not. I thought, wow, but I have asked many musician friends the same question over the years and gotten the same answer. The relatively obscure virtuoso of the piano died in 2013 in New York City at age 86 after an illustrious career that is only now becoming more widely known because of the movie “Green Book.” I was a lucky kid to have had a father who had many of Don Shirley’s albums. We played them on we
Nov 19, 2018 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
A tree sapling giveaway created a bottleneck in the hallway to the cafeteria at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital one recent lunch hour. Nurses, physicians, residents, technicians, lactation consultants and security personnel signed up for a signature event of the 8-month-old nonprofit Plant Five for Life. By taking a tree and planting it, these health care professionals would help perpetuate the message of the health benefits of trees where they live. The ultimate mission of Plant Five for Life, w
Jan 14, 2019 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Mr. President, I have a few questions about your wall. I hope someone gets them to you in a format that can handle the length. First off, since there are already about 580 miles of barriers along the U.S.border with Mexico, will your wall be roughly 1,370 miles or will you replace the existing ones, since they obviously haven’t kept people out? In either case, how quickly could contractors, or the military, do this? The military services are asked to build a lot of things in other countries
Nov 12, 2018 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
As remembrances continue around the city to mourn our fellow Pittsburghers slain at the Tree of Life synagogue, I realize that they will end at some point. Every wave of tribute and grieving ebbs, and people get back to normal. But normal now is the persistence of attacks like these, some by people who randomly open fire, others by people who prey on those whom they consider “other.” United States military and intelligence forces are fighting undeclared wars, purportedly against terrorism, a
Jan 13, 2019 / By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Doors Open Pittsburgh is offering a bus tour and directions for a self-guided tour of African-American history for a one-day event from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturday. “Ride With the King: Black History Tour,” coincides with the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend. Bus tour tickets must be reserved by Wednesday. Visitors will hear stories, dating from the 1800’s to the present, about hymnal musicians, the fight against slavery, the Underground Railroad, the growth of the AME church and i

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