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Sep 20, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
On Tuesday, Aug. 21, at about 11 a.m., I went to the PNC Bank branch opposite Litchfield Towers on Fifth Avenue in Oakland to take out some cash and to make a change to the automatic debits from our family account. When I’d apparently finished with the ATM, I went into the bank, where to my horror and embarrassment I suddenly realized that I’d forgotten to take the $60 cash from the machine. Going back to the ATM, I found as I’d feared that the waiting notes already had disappeared. Resigned
Sep 13, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
On the weekend of July 14, I was spending some time at my parents’ house. I was preparing food and had to take my rings off. I stuck them in the zippered part of my wallet, thinking nothing of it. When I got to work the following Tuesday morning, I quickly realized I wasn’t wearing them as I always do. I went to get them out of my wallet and one of them was missing. I was extremely distracted at work for the next two days while it was gone. This ring meant a lot to me. It was given
Sep 13, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and have always been proud to say so. I now live in England, and at the beginning of July while in Pittsburgh on vacation, my pride in my hometown was bursting. My husband and I were driving when another driver alerted us that we had a flat tire. Good Samaritan No 1. We drove to the nearest safe place to pull off, where we found no spare tire in the trunk of the rental car, but an emergency kit. We then asked two gentlemen if they knew how to use the repai
Aug 30, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
I had a morning flight to Skokie, Ill., to help celebrate my brother’s 90th birthday. First I check my duffel bag and then enter the security line. I take out the iPad from my carry-on and put all on a moving belt. I was distracted because I had to move to another line to go to the X-ray machine. I then rush off to board the tram and then the plane. Once on board the plane, the flight attendant announces to turn off all electronics before takeoff. I reach into my carry-on and with horror rea
Aug 23, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Several weeks ago, my husband and I stopped at our local Eat’n Park in Shaler for breakfast. As we opened the doors, we were approached by two young ladies. They were so kind and nice and held both doors — which are heavy for us — to enter. We all went in to wait for a table and we began talking. I brought up the fact that my husband and I were very thankful, and we should write to the newspaper about their random act of kindness. We were seated and really enjoyed our breakfast. When the y
Aug 16, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Like most elderly folks, I do as I please. Never a morning person, my day begins at noon. Grocery shopping in my 1994 Geo Metro is a nocturnal occurrence. Oftentimes, "specials" take me out of the neighborhood. I follow familiar routes and never deviate. Recently there was a "Road closed" sign on one street. I managed to get to the supermarket, but became confused as I returned. I found a neat little street where I could turn around. As I drove down, I thought, these cars are really close, a
Aug 09, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
It was the end of a beautiful vacation in Virginia Beach to celebrate my youngest granddaughter's graduation from high school. It had been a fretful night with little or no sleep. I awakened at 3 a.m., and I stayed up and got ready since my flight was scheduled for 7 a.m. My son's family all rushed about with breakfast and we were all in the car and on our way to the airport by 5:30 a.m. We got there and checked in — in plenty of time — and proceeded to wait for the 7 a.m. flight that was su
Aug 02, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Community shines in aftermath of flooding On June 20, torrential rain pummeled Bethel Park, other South Hills and surrounding communities. Some of this rain made its way to our finished family room. I wish to thank our neighbors Todd, Amy, Scott and Lynn, who helped me in many ways from procuring cleanup kits, groceries and other shopping, and giving me moral support. Todd was eager to assist me with moving heavy items and picking up carpet and padding. I wish to express my gratitude to D
Jul 26, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
This is so exciting! I was boarding a plane in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., returning to Pittsburgh and the first person I saw as I stepped into the cabin was Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier. I didn’t stop or try to approach him in any way not knowing how receptive he would be. (You know how standoffish some celebrities are.) Soon after I was settled in my seat, I stopped one of the flight attendants and said I have to meet and perhaps have my picture taken with Mr. Shazier. She sensed my excit
Jul 19, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
I always like reading Random Acts of Kindness in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and am always inspired by the kindness of the people in our city — never thinking I would be the one on the receiving end. On May 29, my husband, who is 93, and myself, 88, went to Calvary Cemetery to visit the graves. As we were leaving the first one, my husband fell. I struggled to get him up and have him use his walker, then a gentleman stopped and asked if I needed help. “Yes, please,” I said, but the two of us
Jul 12, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
A visit to a Quest Diagnostics facility to have some blood drawn found the very large three-level parking area completely filled. I drove around twice before going another level higher at an adjacent building to park. I am 90 years old and barely managed to make it down the hill to keep my appointment. Once inside, a kind woman assisted me with the signing-in process. She, too, had trouble parking, but she lucked out when someone left. It was then I realized I would have to walk back up that
Jun 21, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Two years ago, my granddaughters drove me home to Pittsburgh after a visit with them and their parents in Alexandria, Va. They have experience driving in Washington, D.C., and the older one spent four years in college in the Boston area. Exiting the turnpike in Monroeville, it was necessary to cross several lanes of traffic to turn left at the light. As soon as my granddaughter put on her signal, she was immediately allowed to change lanes. She said, “That’s amazing,” to which her sister repli
May 30, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Unsolicited donations greatly appreciated I recently volunteered with my three daughters and three granddaughters at the Ronald McDonald House Charities to make and serve lunch for families who have children hospitalized locally. One of my daughters went shopping at Shop’n Save in Carnegie. When she went to check out, the cashier asked if she was buying for a church. She explained that it was for the Ronald McDonald House Charities and its purpose. The cashier said my daughter “looked h
Jun 01, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
I am an 89-year-old widow. A few years ago, I was walking up my front steps with a compact sweeper. When I got to the landing, I fell. A young lady coming up the road and saw me fall. She ran over to my lawn to help me up. I scraped my elbow and was bleeding. She carried my sweeper into the house and applied a bandage to my elbow. Since then, I have seen her a few times at the local Giant Eagle, and if I am outside, she would wave as she passes my house. When we had
Apr 26, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
I am a theatergoer with disabilities that require a wheelchair if there’s any distance involved. My wife and I had tickets for the March 31 matinee performance of “Rent” at Heinz Hall, Downtown. At the 11th hour, our daughter, Jill, who lives in Harrisburg, decided to join us. We were able to get her a ticket in the same row, about 10 seats away from us. As I maneuvered into the theater seat and my daughter was taking my wheelchair to the back of the theater, we were talking about the easies
May 24, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Recently on the way home from work, I had a terrible fall at the corner of Sixth Street and Liberty Avenue. I slipped on the curb and fell forward on my face and hit my nose on the pavement. My nose was bleeding profusely and I was in a state of shock. I want to thank all of the nice people who came to my aid, as well as the gentleman and two ladies who stayed at my side to see if I needed assistance. One of the ladies called the ambulance for me on her cell phone. Also, I
Jun 02, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
There were light showers in the air as I started my drive from Mt. Lebanon to Shadyside on a fall Saturday when Pittsburgh came to my aid. My husband had just fixed the EGR valve on our 1988 Pontiac Grand Am. Giles said if it stalled, the fix was that I should detach the valve, spray WD-40 inside, reattach it, and the car would start. I had two teenage nieces and one daughter on this trip and it was on the journey home that the “fix” would be tested. The first stall was blocks from the home
Apr 19, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Although this act of kindness happened many years ago, I wanted to share it with your readers. My 6-year-old brother, Harold, the youngest of our nine-member family, was accompanying my mother to St. Canice Church in Knoxville one Sunday morning. Along the way, Harold found a penny on the street and asked Mother if he could stop on his way home at the corner store on Beltzhoover Avenue where penny candy was sold to buy a pretzel rod. She agreed. After Mass, and without any prompting from my
Apr 20, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
As our group of friends planned our annual cruise in October 2017, we paid special attention to San Juan, Puerto Rico, since that’s where we were getting the cruise ship. We saw how badly the island was still hurting in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. We knew our airline would allow two free bags each, and we saw how much the people needed. We were able to compile a list of needed items and contacted a Methodist minister in San Juan who could accept the donations. A local college donated s
Mar 25, 2018 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Since the death of her mother in early February, my wife has been struggling with intense, debilitating grief. Even with a close extended family and supportive group of friends, she continues to experience bouts of depression. Yet, on a Saturday morning, our family found extra comfort from a stranger. My teenage daughter and I managed to persuade my wife to join us for breakfast at the First Watch restaurant in Bridgeville. We shortened our wait time by taking three available seats at a long

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