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Nov 18, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The past few years I have enjoyed bike riding Saturday mornings on the Allegheny Passage trail. I normally ride alone in the morning before the trail gets too crowded. With 25.5 miles down and 4.5 to go, I was approaching the completion of the ride when something crossed in front of my bike path. Instinctively I steered slightly right and glanced left to see what it was. This movement was just enough to travel off the trail into loose gravel. It happened to be in an area where a chain-link fence
Nov 10, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Hooray for the Post Office I just want to put in a good word for our postal employees. On Columbus Day, my husband accidently dropped two Halloween cards into the Gibsonia postal drop box. Money was enclosed with each card. As they were intended to be handed to the children, neither had a return address label and only the child’s name was on each envelope. I went to the Gibsonia Post Office the following day. The mail had been picked up at 6 a.m.; we were too late. All the information was t
Nov 10, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
I think I have your bike On Labor Day my husband, Greg, was driving home on Route 28 after a bike ride. At the 31st Street Bridge, his bike flew off the roof of his car. He couldn’t stop because there was no shoulder on the road. His main concern was to make sure no one was injured. Fortunately traffic wasn’t that heavy and he was able to turn around. When he got back to the bridge, the bike was gone. He came home dismayed because this bike was custom-made for him and its value was over $35
Sep 28, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
My aunt passed away in April and we celebrated her life in Pittsburgh on a Monday in August. My uncle spent months planning the perfect memorial. Friends and relatives flew in from all over the country, including me and my mom. We managed to make our flight, make it to our hotel and make it to my uncle’s house. The day of the service, we left early, having been warned that parking was a problem. We got to our destination, Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. It was one of my Aunt Beth’s fa
Sep 21, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
It was a Friday evening in July 2014. My mom was visiting me from Romania. She knew then only two words in English — “Hello” and “Thank you.” She found herself in McKeesport. She never intended to get there, but there she was. And she had no idea how to get back to my apartment in Squirrel Hill. This adventure could have ended badly, but she was lucky. She had arrived in Pittsburgh two weeks earlier for a month-long visit. It was not only her first visit to this city, but also to the United St
Aug 31, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
No eclipse of kindness When an article in the Post-Gazette announced that the new Warby Parker eyewear store would be giving away solar eclipse glasses on Saturday morning, I drove over to nearby East Liberty to try to get a pair. The line in front of the store was long, but it moved fairly quickly and people were chatting with each other. The couple behind me had a pug on a leash, and the woman in front of me was fondly remembering her dog. Good Pittsburgh friendliness. When we got inside
Sep 14, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Beloved pin goes missing On August 16th, my husband and I decided to take a little getaway for our anniversary, an overnight stay at the Meadows Casino. While we were having a snack in the food court I noticed my antique “Grandma” pin was not on my shirt. This pin was my mother’s and I always like to wear it for special occasions because it makes me think of her. I tried to retrace my steps but it was impossible as the pin is less than 2-inches long and would have blended in with the carpet.
Aug 24, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
40 acres … and good people We have a HUGE yard, and although my husband and I are in our 80’s, we still cut the grass ourselves. Due to all the rain we’ve been having, the grass has been growing like crazy! After cutting the “40 acres” a couple of weeks ago, I went out early the next morning to rake up all the grass clippings into small piles all over our property prior to bagging it. There were a lot of piles and I was getting low on energy when a couple, Dee and John, who walk their dog
Sep 07, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
In trouble on the Yough My friends and I are deeply grateful to Dean, the “river Chapalin,” from Wilderness Voyageurs in Ohiopyle, who assisted us when our kayaks (that were rented from another company) capsized on the middle Youghiogheny River. It was a beautiful day on a Wednesday in July and the four of us cheerfully glided down the middle Yough in our kayaks. I was the first to capsize, but somehow managed to get to shore, dump out the river water, get back into my kayak and travel on.
Jul 20, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
A picture perfect adventure Exceptional Adventures ( is a nonprofit organization with over 35 years of experience providing vacation opportunities, events and monthly dances for individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. On a return trip from a wonderful adventure in Niagara Falls, N.Y., the group stopped at the China Buffet King on Noblestown Road for dinner. Everyone, for the most part was sitting down eating, but one man from our grou
Aug 03, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Treated poorly by one, strangers save the day My daughter Mallory, 24, and I moved to Pittsburgh from California so she could be listed for a double lung transplant at UPMC Presbyterian. We are on call 24/7, hoping she will get lungs soon. At 8:30 one evening in mid-July, I parked in a handicap space across the street from Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream so we could get her ice cream — one of the simple pleasures she can still enjoy as she is tethered to oxygen and at the end stage of her battl
Jul 06, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Honoring his angel 5 years ago my wife received a death sentence with the prognosis of a disease we never heard of, pulmonary fibrosis. She spent those 5 years on oxygen, doing everything she could, even line dancing with an oxygen tank on her back. She never felt sorry for herself and decided to help encourage other people with illnesses by starting her own little ministry. Over that period of time she gave encouragement by presenting people she met with a guardian angel stone to carry wit
Aug 18, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The accident even helped his jump shot I’m coming home on a Tuesday morning and stop at a four-way stop intersection. When it’s my turn I ease into the intersection when from my right comes a car blowing right through the stop sign, not braking at all. WHAM! Crushes my passenger side and turns my car 90 degrees off course. I think I’m OK other than some cuts on my arm, and the other driver gets out and appears to be OK, and he apologizes profusely…didn’t see the stop. We’re both fairly stun
Aug 10, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Landing in the right place for help My Mom and I left a funeral luncheon and were driving in Monessen when my rear tire made a terrible noise. Pulling off the road at a Westmoreland County landfill, we called AAA. While we waited for the tow truck, a landfill employee walked over to us after her shift ended. She assessed the situation, determined what parts would be needed for repair and drove off in her car to buy them. As Tom, the AAA tow truck driver, arrived, the woman was returning wit
Jun 29, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Picture my gratitude While attending this year’s Three Rivers Arts Festival, I was surprised to see a photo of the Westinghouse Atom Smasher on display at one of the booths. As a resident of Forest Hills for the past 40 years I have been fortunate to be able to see the atom smasher from my kitchen window every day. I explained to the vendor, that as much as I admired the photo, I could not consider spending that amount of money without consulting my wife, as we are on a tight budget. I was
Jul 27, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
A moving experience Our daughter celebrated her 30th birthday on June 30 and spent the weekend in Philadelphia with friends. As a birthday surprise, my husband and I decided to deliver a beautiful leather sofa and two chairs with ottomans that my brother was “donating” to her townhouse in Squirrel Hill. This involved us driving from Wexford to Fox Chapel to pick up the furniture at my brother’s, load it into our pickup truck, drive it to Squirrel Hill and then carry everything up the steps fr
Jun 15, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
A beautiful heart On a Tuesday around 10:20 a.m., having just left the Hillman Cancer Center, I was stopped at the light at S. Negley and Centre. Out of nowhere, a tall, dark-haired man crossed in front of my vehicle carrying a black tote bag that was cinched at the top. He walked over to the side of the building where a man in a t-shirt stood on very shaky legs, wearing the bottoms of disposable doctor’s scrubs, the waist bunched at the back as the pants were many times too large. Beside him
Jul 13, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Selfless concern hard at work On Thursday, June 22, while shopping in Sam’s Club at The Pointe in North Fayette, my mother-in-law, Marjorie, fainted. My wife caught her as she was falling, so she didn’t hit hard but she was out for a few moments. A young woman noticed her fall and called to her mother, who was a nurse. This woman immediately stopped what she was doing, came over and sat on the concrete floor with Marjorie, comforted her, evaluated her, and stayed with her until EMS arrived
Mar 16, 2017 / By
I ride a three-wheeled motorized scooter because I have multiple sclerosis. At about noontime on March 3, I left the Aldi store on Baum Boulevard riding down the sidewalk. When I got to Graham Street I needed to pull onto the curb cut. It was a tight turn so I had to back up eight inches to drive onto the curb cut safely. When I backed up I bumped into a large stone boulder jutting out at the sidewalk from a new building, and my scooter immediately fell onto its left side, leaving me and the sco
Jun 01, 2017 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Wonderful neighbors How wonderful it is to have great neighbors. There are few things worse than misplacing a dog. Realizing you’ve done something not too bright – leaving the gate open - you might set off in a panic to find your beloved pet. Hopefully, you might come across a helpful group of police officers who suggest calling 911, who might calmly excuse your rude manners, talking on your phone while simultaneously asking questions of your neighbors. And you’d have one great neighbor

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