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Sep 29, 2016 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Fan12567: How come Paul Chryst is coaching so much better at Wisconsin than he was a Pitt? Is this because the Pitt program has something wrong - I mean look at the last two losses. Will we ever be able to get over this hump we always seem to run into every year? Michael Sanserino: Well, I think he inherited a much better situation at Wisconsin than he did at Pitt. While the Badgers certainly had some turnover, it was nothing like what was going on at Pitt. That, plus Wisconsin is a better
Aug 03, 2016 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Guest: What can we expect out of this Hutchison we got from TORONTO? Is he worth a darn? Michael Sanserino: Sure, Hutchison is worth a darn. Former Top 10 prospect in the Blue Jays organization. But he's lost a bit of his luster in the past few years. He's the kind of project the Pirates' pitching team loves to take on. Former high prospect who just hasn't panned out. Now, is he worth what the Pirates gave up? Absolutely not. But I think, given the right circumstances, he could be productiv
Aug 17, 2016 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
calvin: what would your walk-up song be as a hitter? would it be different than your entrance as a closer? Michael Sanserino: I'd have two walkup songs: "Hey Hey, My My" by Neil Young and "Testify" by Kanye West. Given the MLB's pace of play rules that limit walk-up music to 15 seconds, you've got to find a song with a good riff or a strong stretch of music. Both of those songs have that. I don't think either would work as my entrance music as a closer. Might go with "Helter Skelter" or Jac
Aug 10, 2016 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Tom: Do you know of any team that may be heavy at CB that could use some help at linebacker that would be a possible trade partner? Michael Sanserino: Most of the teams that are strong at CB are also pretty deep at LB. It would be better if the Steelers had a handful of extra offensive linemen they could deal. I, personally, wouldn't trade a linebacker for a corner, and I don't think the Steelers would, either. But the Arizona Cardinals might be the best fit there. Great CBs, pretty weak at
May 25, 2016 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Michael Sanserino: OK, let's get going. Guest: What school did ray fitipaldo play football at? Michael Sanserino: He was an offensive lineman at Holy Cross. I believe he is a Keystone Oaks grad as well, but I could be off on that. Guest: Bill Brink tried to say that Chipper Jones was as good as Mickey Mantle in his chat yesterday. Thoughts on that scandalous remark? Michael Sanserino: To give this context, Bill was asked, "Was Mickey Mantle the greatest switch hitter of all time
Mar 24, 2016 / By Michael Sanserino
Michael Sanserino: Good day from Disney World (kind of). The Pirates and Braves get started at 1:05 p.m. today, and we'll beat them by five minutes with this chat. Feel free to enter questions at any time. We'll get things started at about 1. Michael Sanserino: OK, let's get things started... Hunter: Clint Hurdle has always preferred to have two utility infielders and one being good defensively at SS. If the story is accurate, would the acquisition of John McDonald pretty much make him a
May 11, 2016 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Michael Sanserino: OK, a lot to get to, so let's get started. JamesinNYC: How do you think the Pens and Lightning match up? Michael Sanserino: Tampa Bay has a 3-0 advantage this season, but they haven't played the Penguins since February. I think it's going to be a great series, and probably more challenging than Penguins fans anticipate. The Lightning have a couple injuries right now -- Stamkos (blood clot) and Stralman (leg) that certainly compromises their strength. But this is a fas
Apr 27, 2016 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
POLL: Who wins the Pens-Caps series? A. Penguins in 5 (0%) B. Capitals in 5 (0%) C. Penguins in 6 (58%) D. Capitals in 6 (0%) E. Penguins in 7 (25%) F. Capitals in 7 (17%) POLL: If Marc-Andre Fleury is healthy, who should start in net? A. Marc-Andre Fleury (25%) B. Matt Murray (75%) C. Jeff Zatkoff (0%) D. Tomas Vokoun (0%) POLL: With the 25th pick in the NFL Draft, the Steelers will select a(n)... A. Cornerback (86%) B. Safety (0%) C. Offensive lineman (0%) D
Mar 30, 2016 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Guest: With the flurry of free agent signings by the Ravens and the Steelers getting a few washed up Broncos have the Ravens surpassed the Steelers in the AFC North? Michael Sanserino: No. Usually teams that are most active in free agency are most disappointing in the regular season. Just ask the Eagles. The Steelers had a pretty solid team heading into the offseason. The Ravens have a lot of ground to make up. The Card Says Moops: Should be a good scene at PNC with James Connor throwin
May 04, 2016 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
POLL: Who will win Game 4? A. Penguins (65%) B. Capitals (35%) Michael Sanserino: OK, let's get started. The Card Says Moops: Last week's chat transcript was, um, interesting...anyway, I'll be rooting for draftee Tyler Matakevich. For no particular reason other than he seems kinda Olsavsky-ish. Could be a diamond in the rough. Michael Sanserino: That it was, Moops. That it was. They all seem to be these days. But I embrace the strange. I'm going to keep an eye on Hargrave. We ta
Mar 17, 2016 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
POLL: How far will Pitt advance in the NCAA tournament? A. Round of 64 (60%) B. Round of 32 (20%) C. Sweet 16 (0%) D. Elite Eight (0%) E. Final Four (0%) F. National Championship (20%) POLL: How many games will the Pirates win this year? A. Fewer than 75 (50%) B. 75-81 (0%) C. 82-88 (0%) D. 89-94 (0%) E. 95+ (50%) Guest: Are the Steelers done signing free agents? What about Reuben Randle to replace Martavis Bryant? Michael Sanserino: I don't think the Steelers are done, but I'm not
Mar 24, 2016 / By Michael Sanserino
Michael Sanserino: OK, let's get weird. Lambo: Lambo. Ergo, Lambo. Michael Sanserino: Well, that didn't take long. PhillyJake: Who is Andrew Lambo? Michael Sanserino: Scholars disagree over WHO he is. But judging by Twitter over the past month, it appears he was born on the alien planet Krypton but grew up here on earth somewhere in rural America (signs point to Kansas or Nebraska)... PhillyJake: The question you'll get 30 times: Who's coming off of the 25 man roster? Michael S
Mar 24, 2016 / By Michael Sanserino
Hunter: So the metrics suggest that Jeff Locke was good but still a very lucky pitcher overall. The second half suggests he has not been good but on top of that has been quite unlucky. Does this matchup with what you're seeing or is he so bad it's time to look at other options? Michael Sanserino: Afternoon, Hunter! I think your observations are quite accurate. Jeff Locke was a lucky pitcher in the first half -- low BABIP, high strand rate. He hasn't gotten those same breaks in the second hal
Mar 24, 2016 / By Michael Sanserino
MStufft: When do you expect to see Stolmy moving from AA to AAA?? Michael Sanserino: I would expect to see him in Indianapolis within the next month. He has paid his dues in Class AA and appears to be ready for his next challenge. The only question is whose spot does he take? Is it someone heading to the majors -- cough, cough, Cole -- or another move? Kevin: Any reaction from the Pirates players to the Jason Collins news? Michael Sanserino: Yes, I talked to a few of them yesterday for
Mar 24, 2016 / By Michael Sanserino
G4: Given Melancon becomes closer, who likely gets vaulted to his role - or is that likely a committee approach? Michael Sanserino: I think it will be a committee approach. I think they have been grooming Tony Watson to be a late-innings guy since he arrived in the big leagues in 2010. But it's hard to throw a lefty into that role by himself. I think Vin Mazzaro has shown he is capable of pitching in high-leverage situations and would likely complement Watson in the eighth inning. Of course
Mar 24, 2016 / By Dan Gigler
Hunter : Did the Pirates take the reigns off of Cole last night or was it simply a case of he felt that good? Michael Sanserino: They certainly didn't take the reins off him because usually, when that's happened, Cole has been erratic. The key for Cole on Monday was his command. He hit 99 once and had an average fastball speed of 96, which is a bit above his season average. The heat helped. But Cole best weapon was his accuracy and his movement. He was painting Monday night, and late movement
May 18, 2016 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
TSgt Fisher: Hi Michael from MacDill AFB Florida, Do you know when they will release what the Steelers Color Rush jersey will look like? Michael Sanserino: Hello TSgt Fisher. Thank you for your service. I have a lot of family that served (and one currently serving) in the Air Force, and I appreciate all you do. To answer your question: I do not know when they will release the Steelers color rush jerseys, but my guess would be July or August. Total guess just based on the NFL news cycle. I h
Mar 24, 2016 / By Michael Sanserino
Michael Sanserino: OK, let's get started. Adam: What's with so many days off for guys in their 20s? They play baseball, a game that is 90% mental and 20% physical, famously. So Cutch ran down a lot of fly balls. Baseball is mostly standing around & he needs focus & confidence more than anything in order to get locked in at the plate, no? Michael Sanserino: I think the team is being a bit cautious with the workload it gives its younger guys, especially, just because of how the past two yea
Mar 24, 2016 / By Michael Sanserino
Biz: Any news on what will happen to JMac? LeeFooBug: When will we know about James McDonald's fate? Michael Sanserino: No news yet, and it's possible we won't hear until tomorrow. Today is the deadline for McDonald, and that deadline stretches until midnight. Neal Huntington said "by Wednesday" when he talked about McDonald, so it is possible we won't learn about his fate until Wednesday. PhillyJake: Any truth to the rumor that Micco offered you and Zeise to the Miami Herald as a mean
Mar 23, 2016 / By Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The Dude: Who would you like to see Pitt hire for the new basketball coach? Michael Sanserino: I'd LIKE someone who is open and honest with the media and timely in responding to our reporters. Outside of that, I don't have much of a preference. That said, this is a big moment in Pitt basketball history. I have to say I am a bit surprised Pitt wasn't able to establish a dialogue with Archie Miller about this job. Sure his resume is strong enough that bigger and better offers might not be f

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